Practical Regulation

  1. All the practitioner must follow all lab activities and assistance
  2. Praktikan arrive on time
  3. Delay tolerance for lab and assistance 10 minutes
  4. Practicum and assistance initiated in accordance with a predetermined time, the practitioner does not have to wait for the whole complete
  5. At the lab, the practitioner should be well-dressed, wearing a lab coat, and bring the lab manual
  6. Bring cards practicum participants are completed in full
  7. Pre-trial tasks well
  8. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count as lab time and assistance, unless there is agreement between the assistant and practitioner
  9. Assistance shall be carried out on campus and completed before 17:00
  10. The format of the task in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the transfer of lab schedule additional regulations
  11. Penalties for violation of the rules set in the supplementary regulations
  12. The practitioner can use the equipment in the lab outside lab time for getting permission from the existing laboratory assistant.